LEGO Technic

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Technic-ally, these LEGO sets are SO much fun! LEGO Technic is great for experienced builders looking for a little challenge with their LEGO sets. Like classic LEGO construction sets, they’ll snap and build models, vehicles and robotics. But where LEGO Technic really sets itself apart is with the inclusion of rods, gears and even battery packs that bring their creation to life! They won’t believe their eyes when they flip a switch and watch a towering crane extend and lift objects high into the sky. LEGO Technic is a great way to give the kiddos some educational entertainment that keeps them busy, introduces them to engineering principles and rewards them with a super cool toy that leaves ’em feeling proud of what they’ve accomplished. Take the next step in their LEGO journey with LEGO Technic construction sets that really work and are really fun to piece together!