baby dolls

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By the time they’re two years old, most children understand the concept of being cared for and taking care of others. If you see your toddler rock a stuffed animal to sleep or fix pretend boo-boos, they’re ready for their very first baby doll! With so many dolls to choose from, you’ll have no problem finding the one that makes a wonderful new additional to your family. Consider twin dolls for double the role play fun! Baby Born, Cabbage Patch and Luvabella baby dolls let pretend moms and dads easily carry baby around the house. Toddlers and preschoolers can be attached to their baby dolls from breakfast time to bedtime, so you’ll want a doll made of durable fabric or wipeable, vinyl material. Children get a real understanding of playtime parenting with interactive baby dolls that coo, giggle and cry. Baby Alive and Kindi Kids provide realistic action through daily activities like feeding and putting baby down for a nap. Cry Babies come with a pacifier and adorable animal-print onesies. Kids will develop the understanding that when the baby doll cries, a pacifier and a nap settles them down. Lifelike baby dolls enhance the play value, as their detailed features inspire lots of parenting role play. La Newborn dolls by JC Toys are well-known in the doll world for incredibly realistic features, from the sparkle in their eyes to their teeny, tiny toes. Carefully choose the first baby doll, as it’s usually a keeper and you may even turn that special one into a collection over time.