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Arts toys for kids is a great way to find the perfect creative outlet for little ones who need to express themselves. Encouraging different avenues of artistic expression from an early age is a great way to set little ones up for lucrative careers in the arts, including graphic designers, animators, filmmakers, and architects. Increased creativity is a top benefit of arts toys, but with the scribbling and sculpting also comes better hand-eye coordination that aids in handwriting later in life as well as confidence and socialization as they show off their creations. Arts toys are more than arts and craft toys, too. This category encompasses everything from drawing to music to video and more. Setting baby up with a musical toy that reacts to their touch, for example, instills the understanding of, “if I do this action, something happens,” increasing their ability to think critically very young. Shop arts toys from top brands like Spin Master, Lego, Play-Doh, Kinetic Sand, Crayola, Bridgecraft, Disney, Fisher Price, Cra-Z-Art, and more.