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Q: What is the Bike & Trike Trade-In Event?
A: The Bike & Trike Trade-In event offers parents the opportunity to trade in any used bike or trike in exchange for a savings of up to $50 on any regular-priced bike or trike (excluding ALL clearance bikes and trikes). After trading in a used bike or trike, customers will receive a coupon valid towards the purchase of a new, regular-priced bike or trike.

Q: How long does the Bike & Trike Trade-In promotion run?
A: The Bike & Trike Trade-In event will take place for two weeks starting Sunday, April 6, running through Saturday, April 19, 2014.

Q: What is the savings amount offered by Toys“R”Us?
A: Customers can trade in any used bike/trike, in any condition, for the opportunity to save up to $50 on a new, regular-priced bike. The coupon discounts will be determined by the price of the new bike:
   • Save $10 on any bike or trike priced 59.97 or less
   • Save $20 on any bike or trike regularly priced 59.99-99.97
   • Save $30 on any bike or trike regularly priced 99.99-149.97
   • Save $50 on any bike or trike regularly priced 149.99 or moreBike & Trike Trade-In excludes ALL clearance bikes and trikes.

Q: Which manufacturers are participating in the program? Which brands of bikes can I use the savings on?
A: All manufacturers are participating in the program. As a result, trade-in coupons can be used on all bike brands available at Toys”R”Us stores.

Q: Does the bike or trike I want to trade in have to be purchased from Toys“R”Us? Do I need a receipt to trade in an item?
A: You can trade in ANY bike or trike at any of our Toys“R”Us stores nationwide, regardless of whether you purchased the item from one of our stores. Additionally, you do not need a receipt to trade in a used bike or trike.

Q: Can I still trade in a used or unwanted bike to your store even if I don’t plan to purchase a new product?
A: Yes! You can trade in a used or unwanted bike or trike at a Toys“R”Us store even if you don’t plan to use the savings.

Q: What will you do with the bikes/trikes that are handed in at your stores?
A. Our regional teams work closely with recycling institutions to retrieve and recycle the bikes and trikes that are traded in at our stores.

Q: Can I use the savings I received for trading in my used bike to make an online purchase?
A: No. The savings you receive for trading in your bike may be used for in-store purchases only.

Q: Can I trade in multiple bikes and receive additional coupon savings?
A: Yes, you can trade in multiple bikes during this event. You will receive one savings coupon per item traded in. However, you may only use one savings coupon per each new, regular-priced bike purchased.

Q: I’m trading in a bike today, but don’t want to make a purchase now. Can I use my savings at a later date?
A: While we are encouraging customers to use their savings on the day they trade in their used bike, you can use the savings anytime until the program ends on Saturday, April 19, 2014.

Q: I’d like to receive a savings coupon on my purchase today, but don’t have a bike to trade-in. Can I still get the discount?
A: Unfortunately, we are unable to give coupons to those who are not trading in a bike or trike. To participate in the event and receive the discount, you must trade in a used bike or trike.

Q: Are there any limitations as to the type of bikes that I can trade in or purchase?
A: Two-wheel child and adult bicycles, along with tricycles (must have frame), are eligible for trade in during the event period. Only regular-priced two-wheel bicycles and tricycles (any brand, any size) can be purchased using trade-in discount coupon. ALL clearance bikes are excluded from this event. Trade-in coupons are valid on in-store purchases only and cannot be used online.
*Trade-in event valid 4/6-4/19/14. Offer available in store only. Coupon provided in store on day of trade-in. One coupon per trade-in. Cannot be combined with any other “R”Us offer for same item or on prior purchases. Excludes ALL clearance bikes. All helmets, pads, toys and child carriers sold separately.