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Keeping baby safe and cozy in her crib is easy when you have all the basics. Bedding and nursery decor come in many decorative colors and designs to complete the look of your dream nursery. From crib sheets and baby blankets, to mattress covers, we'll help you figure out just what you need to complete your crib!


crib sheets

Here's why selecting the right crib sheet is so important: your baby's going to spend a lot of time on it—experts estimate up to 18 hours a day! At Babies"R"Us you can actually touch and feel all the different types of sheets (we carry seven varieties).

  • sateen: soft, satiny sheen, 100% cotton, 200 thread count
  • jersey knit: comfy, t-shirt feel, 100% cotton, naturally wrinkle resistant
  • brushed: fuzzy, smooth to the touch, 100% cotton, 200 thread count
  • percale: keeps baby cool, 100% cotton, softens with each wash, 200 thread count
  • tencel: silky, smooth feel; 60% cotton/40% Tencel, 250 thread count
  • organic cotton: chemical-free, 100% organic cotton, 200 thread count
  • flannel: soft and cozy for cold weather, double brushed 100% cotton

Know your thread count: it determines the softness of the sheet by the number of threads woven together in a square inch. At 200 thread count and up, you can rest assured that your little one will be snoozing in softness.


A blanket is a blanket, right? Think again. Here's a quick blanket-breakdown for every baby stage.

  • receiving blankets for newborns: Soft and lightweight, these are large enough to swaddle a newborn without being cumbersome.
  • wearable blankets for energetic sleepers: A great option because babies can't kick them off! Available in two styles: sleeveless, or full swaddle with the ability to place arms inside.
  • crib blankets for older babies: Once your baby is a little older, switch to a full-size crib blanket. Choose one that will keep baby warm and easy to wash.

mattress covers and pads

Waterproof covers and pads help keep the mattress protected from baby's inevitable "oops" moments. And experience tells us there are quite a few of those ahead. Don't leave the store without them!

Now that you're familiar with bedding basics, it's time to think about your nursery's "personality", which is driven by its bedding and decor. So whether you're thrilled with frills or psyched for city-chic, follow your sense of style. Then add the bedding basics for baby's comfort.

infant bedding basics

Essentials for daily life with baby include waterproof mattress pads, fitted sheets, absorbent sheet savers, and wearable blankets and/or receiving blankets for swaddling.

Infant Bedding Basics

Note: For baby's safety, always use bedding as instructed by the manufacturer.


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