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7 Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Second-Time Moms and Dads

Have you been invited to a baby 'sprinkle' but are not sure what it is, or what kind of baby shower gift to get? A baby sprinkle is a newer tradition that is gaining support even among etiquette gurus like Emily Post. A baby sprinkle is a 'lighter' baby shower to celebrate the impending birth of a second, third or more, child.

If you're of the belief that a new addition to the family should be celebrated, then you may be wondering what kind of gift to buy. No worries, here are a few gift themes to get your creative gift-giving juices flowing.

Here's our list for some of the best baby shower gift ideas

Gender-Specific Gifts

Some parents choose to have a baby sprinkle because their second pregnancy will produce a child of the opposite sex. If they already have a son, they may want new gender-specific items for the baby girl they're expecting. Gender-specific clothing, hair accessories, toys, etc. are all good gift options.

Practical Gifts
Despite already having children, parents may still need some of those practical items for the new baby they're expecting. Existing baby items could be well worn, in use, or simply non-existent. Consider items like strollers, carriers, and high chairs to ensure your gift gets good use.

High-Demand Gifts
When it comes to must-have items, it doesn't matter whether the expected baby is the second, third or seventh, there are certain items parents always need, such as diapers, wipes, and burp cloths.

Family Gifts
Consider purchasing a baby shower gift the whole family can appreciate like gift cards and certificates for family restaurants, family photographers or family-friendly places like local museums or zoos.

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Dad Gifts
For decades, baby showers and baby shower gifts were given for mom. Today's dads are very involved and, in some cases, stay home to care for the kids. Show dad you care with gifts like daddy diaper bags, baby carriers, or jog strollers.

Mom Gifts
Pregnancy, giving birth and adjusting to the demands of a larger family can take time. Consider gift ideas that are a treat just for mom like manicures, massages, or jewelry.

Special Gifts
With a first baby shower, the gifts tend to be practical. However, with the second pregnancy (or third or seventh) baby gifts can be personalized, unique or extravagant like personalized baby books, wall art for the nursery, or a silver rattle.