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Alternative Seasonal Baby Shower Themes

For those of us who like to put our own personal twist on just about any tradition, the holidays present a perfect time to put a unique spin on traditional baby shower themes. With holidays spread throughout the year, it's easy to find one that coincides with most shower dates.

Syncing up your baby shower with a holiday makes planning so much easier. To help narrow down your ideas, start by choosing from traditional holidays such as Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas or celebrations such as the Winter Solstice and New Year's. Once you pick the holiday or celebration, you can then develop a theme for your event.

Make Your Baby Shower Sparkle

As you begin to plan your baby shower, consider stepping out of the traditional blue and pink box. The holidays are full of color and the same can be true for your baby shower. Go with colors that pop such as jewel tones, like purple and gold; or lush colors like moss green and rose; vibrant reds and yellows for the Chinese New Year; rich yellows, oranges, browns and golds for fall; and crisp whites and blues for winter. Using seasonal decorations for fall, winter, or any holiday that is near the date of the baby shower, can turn a traditional baby shower into a festive or elegant celebration.

Baby shower themes to help
get your creative juices flowing:

Thanksgiving and the fall season present
wonderful theme ideas:

'Falling' in love with you
Thankful for our little pumpkin
You are the apple of our eye

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Winter holidays offer a number of creative themes such as:
Soon-to-arrive little angel
The polar express
Winter wonderland

A New Year provides for a fun celebration
Themes can include:

Baby New Year
Chinese New Year

A Season to Share Baby
Shower Gifts

The idea of 'sharing is caring' is a new twist on giving baby shower gifts. Ask guests to purchase less expensive gifts and to bring two - one for mom and one to donate. Collect all the duplicates and make a donation to mom's favorite charity in the new baby's honor.