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Edible Baby Shower Favors You Can Make Yourself!

Make sure your guests have a little something to take home after your shower with these homemade baby shower favors! These edible favors can work for any shower theme and are easy to put together. Best of all, they are tasty too!

Treats in Baby Food Jars

Create a take-home treat by buying empty baby food jars and filling them with goodies. Popular baby shower candy includes mints and chocolates. Add some pizzazz by making your candies pink or blue, as they will show through the jar. Print custom-made notes and tie them on to the jar with some twine for a memorable gift. The note can include anything from a 'thank you' poem to the date of the shower. Do what works best with your shower!

Sugar Cookie Cut Outs

No matter what your theme, you can customize sugar cookies as your baby shower favor. Store bought sugar cookie mix can keep this project even simpler. Find some fun cookie cutters of your liking and decorate as desired. If you're theme isn't specific, you can buy cookie cutters in the shape of baby bassinets and decorate in either a gender specific or gender neutral color depending upon your situation. Place cookies in plastic gift bags and tie with ribbon for a perfect presentation!

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"Ready to Pop" Popcorn

Send your guests home with a salty treat with a cute message. Make customized labels that say "Ready to Pop", and place them on popcorn containers filled with your favorite kind of popcorn. On the label, include a silhouette of a pregnant woman (or a picture of the mom-to-be!) for full effect of the message. For transportation purposes, scoop the popcorn into baggies before placing in the popcorn container.

Bun in the Oven

Another great baby inspired favor is the "bun in the oven." Purchase small boxes that have a clear lid; a small version of what a cake might come in. Bake cinnamon buns and place one in each box. Using either a label or tag, create a "bun in the oven" sign that can be attached to each tiny box.

Follow these simple instructions and your homemade baby shower favors will be the talk of the party!