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Important Information:
Tabeo e2 users are currently experiencing delays when setting up parental filters. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please click "Parental Filter Help" below for steps to help with setup. If you are experiencing issues with preloaded apps, please click "Re-installing Preloaded Apps" for instructions to resolve. If you continue to have issues with setup please contact us using Customer Service Chat, or by email or phone.

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1.888.477.0888 or 1.877.221.0207

Need help setting up your Tabeo e2 device? Download the Tabeo Startup Guide


To help resolve your issue, please try both of these sets of instructions:

1. From the homepage, go to Settings > Applications > Running > All. Open the Mobile Parental Filter app and tap the “Clear Cache” button. Press the power button and reboot the tablet. Once the tablet reboots, try to register the tablet again.

2. From the homepage, go to the Web Browser Menu (appears as three vertical dots on the right) > Settings > Privacy and Security (on the left) > Cookies (on the right). Then, clear all your cookie data. Press the power button and reboot the tablet. Once the tablet reboots, try to register the tablet again.

If neither of these resolve the issue and you continue to have difficulties registering the Mobile Parental Filter, please try again at a later time or contact us for further assistance.


To re-install the preloaded applications to your Tabeo e2, please follow these steps:

1. Download the file called to your computer from the following website: Tabeo Downloads

2. Extract the .zip that you downloaded to your computer. You will need to use an extraction program such as the following:
• Winzip (Link)
• Winrar (Link)
• 7zip (Link)

3. Once extracted, you will now have a folder called RecoverApps, containing multiple .APK files. If you open it and find another RecoverApps folder, open the second one and you will find the .APK files.

4. Connect your Tabeo e2 to your computer and open the drive on your computer so you can see all the folders in it. Copy the RecoverApps folder that contains the .APK files into the folder on the Tabeo e2 called “System.”

5. Once the copying is complete, disconnect the device from the computer. On the Tabeo e2, go to Settings > About Tablet > Start Wizard. When prompted, confirm that you you want to run the Start Wizard. Then restart the Tabeo e2 so you can be taken through the Start Wizard. Once completed, all preloaded applications will be re-installed to the Tabeo e2.