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Gender Reveal Parties

The Latest Trend in Sharing the Baby News

Many parents-to-be are choosing to 'reveal' the joyous news of their baby's gender to friends and family in a big way. While still a new tradition, gender reveal parties are typically arranged in one of two ways.

A Private Moment:

Often times couples choose to learn the gender of their baby during a doctor's appointment and keep the news quiet until it can be revealed later at a gender reveal party to close family and friends.

A Shared Moment:

Others choose to learn the gender of their baby right along with their guests at the party. Having the ultrasound technician conceal the information from the couple and place the news in a sealed envelope is a simple way to keep the news a secret from all. This envelope can then be passed on to the person planning that big reveal moment for the couple.

Make Your Moment Special

If you're thinking of planning your very own gender reveal party and celebrating that special moment with your loved ones, we have a few ideas to get you started.

Involve your guests:
Many gender reveal party planners choose to use a gender reveal cake for the big reveal. A local baker is informed of the baby's gender and creates a cake with blue or pink-dyed icing on the inside. At the party, the parents-to-be slice through the cake, revealing their baby's gender. Consider getting your guests involved by having gender reveal cupcakes instead of cake. Give each party-goer a cupcake and, on the count of three, have them all bite in, revealing the gender of your baby.

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Reveal at the shower:
If your closest family and friends don't live nearby, consider revealing your baby's gender at the baby shower to make it one big event instead of two smaller ones. Have the hostess wrap a gender-specific outfit in gender-neutral wrapping paper for mom-to-be to open in front of her guests. Not only will it be a fun way to learn the exciting news with those closest to you, but it will create a wonderful memory that your guests will cherish.

Make a sibling the star:
If this will be your second bundle of joy, consider letting the big brother or sister open a box of helium-filled pink or blue balloons. This puts the spotlight on the older sibling in a fun way, while still celebrating the new addition to your family. However you choose to make that reveal moment big, remember to record the event with either photos or video. Not only can they be used as an easy way to share the news with all of your family and friends, they will ensure you never forget that special moment.