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Throw a Team Baby Boy or Girl Gender Reveal Party

Make your baby the big halftime show this year. In honor of your family's big day and one of the most beloved events of the year, host an exciting Big Game-themed party to reveal the most anticipated outcome of the season: baby boy or girl!

In the Crowd

Choose a gender-neutral invitation to announce your party without spoiling the secret. Decorate the party in both pinks and blues to be ready to celebrate the "big win" of either gender. Consider hanging cheap and easy-to-remove decorations like balloons, banners, and streamers, in both colors. When the gender is announced, you can take down the "wrong" color!

Why not spark some fun competition? Involve your friends and family by asking them to attend decked in pink or blue in support of the team they think will "win."

Register for the party to help your guests bring the gender-neutral supplies you need. Since the gender of the baby is not known, this may be the perfect time to ask guests for essentials that a baby of any gender needs like bottles, books, and diapers. To really show some team spirit, why not keep with the theme and ask for apparel of the sports team you support?

The Game

Have some fun by asking your friends and family to take part in a boy or girl quiz. Alert your guests that you will be dropping little hints about the baby's gender throughout the party. Give them a pen and paper so they can make notes of what they think are clues. Make sure your clues aren't too direct so you can keep your guests guessing. Watch your friends rearrange their "team" allegiance as the party goes on. Right before the reveal, ask everyone to write down if they think you are welcoming a baby boy or girl.

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To really set the theme, decorations, food, and favors should relate to The Big Game. Try dipping strawberries in chocolate and using white icing to create a football look for a cute, themed treat. Traditional tailgate foods like dips and wings will also make for a nice addition.

The Halftime Show

Find out who won the baby boy or girl quiz by finally making the big announcement. Many expecting parents will cut into the cake to reveal either a pink or blue center to announce their baby's gender. Have both pink and blue plates and utensils ready for whichever color the cake may hold.

Also consider making jerseys for mom and dad in either pink or blue. At "halftime," send the parents-to-be to change into their team jerseys. Watch the surprise on the guests' faces as the parents display their color.

Sending your guests home with themed party favors is a perfect way for them to have a special reminder of being a part of the experience. If the parents-to-be know the gender before the reveal, consider having favors that say "Team Boy" or "Team Girl" ready.

A gender reveal party is a fun way to celebrate your new baby boy or girl and to involve your friends and family in the priceless experience of learning your child's gender.