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Fun Alternatives to a Traditional Baby Shower

Traditional baby shower themes may not be right for every mom-to-be. Any number of reasons can lead to the need for planning a more unique shower. These modern baby shower themes are sure to celebrate baby just the way mom deserves!

Baby Sprinkles

The Party Planner

If this "shower" is not for a couples' first child, they may be searching for a way to celebrate their new baby without holding as large an affair as the first time. A great way to tone down a large shower but still congratulate the new parents is to host a Baby Sprinkle. A Baby Sprinkle has fewer decorations and is less focused on presents and more on enjoying each other's company; however, guests are welcome to bring essentials or items mom and dad do not have from their first pregnancy. A Baby Sprinkle is also often limited to close family and friends.

Sip & See

post-baby showers

For some parents, 9 months might go by faster than they think. A Sip & See allows for parents to celebrate after the baby is born. The best part is the presence of the guest of honor – the new baby! During a Sip & See, which usually occurs 2 to 6 weeks after the baby is born, guests are encouraged to stop by for as much or as little time during a set time window as they can. Gifts are not requested or expected but guests may want to bring something small to congratulate the parents.

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Gender Reveals &
Co-Ed Showers

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While a traditional women-only shower can be a beautiful event, some couples opt to host a co-ed shower so dad's friends are welcome to join as well. A co-ed shower will have food and games that appeal to both male and female guests. The atmosphere is likely more relaxed and less "cutesy."

Photo Holders

A Gender Reveal is organized to reveal the baby's gender in front of family and friends. Baby shower theme ideas that are applicable for a gender reveal include "What will it bee?," "Beau or Bow," and "Team Pink or Team Blue." All of these themes focus on the surprise of whether the unborn child will be a boy or girl. Choose your own way of revealing the gender of your baby and enjoy the news with your family and friends.

Any one of these non-traditional baby shower themes will lead to a great afternoon spent with family and friends!