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rollin' and strollin'

Long before those monumental first steps, you and your baby will rely on a stroller to navigate your way through everyday life. Trips to town, to the playground, to grandma's will require a great little vehicle for transport. So choosing the right stroller for you and baby is super-important. And we'd like to help make that decision easier.

Before investing in a stroller, consider the "rider." Is it an infant or almost a toddler; is it one child or perhaps, twins? And who will usually be pushing it? Because a tall parent may opt for handles that adjust to their height. Additionally, how often will it be used? Where will it be stored? And what other features are important to you?

  • travel systems: For ultimate versatility, the travel system consists of a stroller, an infant car seat that doubles as an infant carrier and a stay-in-car base. You simply snap the seat into the stay-in-car base, and release it to transport baby from car to home or stroller — and baby stays buckled in the entire time. As baby outgrows the carrier seat, you can use the stroller, which includes its own seat and belts.
  • infant car seat carrier: A stroller frame allows you to snap most major infant car seat brands right into its base. The metal frame is extremely lightweight, easy to transport and folds compactly.
  • lightweight strollers: These compact strollers generally weigh less than 12 pounds, and offer a cost-effective, portable solution for families on the go. Since most lightweight strollers don't have a fully reclining seat, they are generally most suitable for children one year of age or older.
  • full-size strollers: Sturdy and durable, full-size strollers, also known as standard or single strollers, offer the widest variety of features, colors, styles and price points. These types of strollers are typically used more often than other models, and high-quality designs tend to last longer, which may be the right choice if you're considering a larger family.
  • double and triple strollers: For parents with twins, triplets, or several young children, these strollers are multi-tasking must-haves. Some double and triple strollers enable children to ride tandem (front to back), while others are designed for side-by-side travel.
  • jogging strollers: Perfect for active parents, these three-wheeled strollers feature inflatable, all-terrain wheels. These active models, also known as all-terrain strollers, allow you to get a workout while providing baby with a smooth, scenic ride in the great outdoors. Keep in mind that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends waiting until your child is 6 months old before using a jogging stroller.

As with all baby gear, keep quality, comfort and safety top of mind. As you assess that, be sure to read stroller reviews and ratings to see what other parents have to say. And don't forget to browse stroller toys and accessories for must-have playthings, head supports, covers, shades, organizers and holders.

stroller safety tips

Before you and baby roll out in your new stroller, keep these precautions in mind:

  • Make sure that your stroller is fully opened and the brakes are fully locked, before placing your baby in the stroller.
  • Always use the harness system and safety brakes when you use your stroller.
  • Keep baby away from stroller when folding or unfolding it.
  • Don't allow your child to stand in the stroller.
  • Don't hang shopping bags, purses or anything else on the handles of a stroller, as it may tip.