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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is Rewards''R''Us?
Rewards''R''Us is a FREE program designed to reward our best guests for the purchases they make at Toys''R''Us and Babies''R''Us.
Guests of Toys''R''Us and Babies''R''Us can enroll in the Rewards''R''Us program either in store or online by accessing Rewards''R''Us at Once enrolled, you can begin taking advantage of a variety of exclusive benefits and promotions that include ''R''Us Dollars, FREE diapers, formula and greeting cards. Other ongoing perks of membership in the program include:
  • Safety Notifications - With an active e-mail address on file, you will automatically receive notices if products you purchased with your membership at an ''R''Us store or online have been recalled.
  • Member Shopping Events - You will receive advance notice of exclusive in store sales and events.
  • Member Only Discounts - You will receive discounts and special offers via periodic mailings and e-mails.
For complete program details, visit
Q: What is Registry Rewards?
Registry Rewards is a great benefit for expecting parents who register with us. Upon creating your Baby Registry and linking the Rewards''R''Us member number to that Baby Registry, you automatically become eligible to earn Rewards''R''Us rewards on all purchases anyone makes from your Baby Registry, up until 90 days after the event date noted on your registry. Registry Rewards are earned only on registry purchases made on or after 9/1/10 and only after your Rewards''R''Us number is linked to your registry.
Q: Do I have to be a member of Rewards''R''Us to participate in Registry Rewards?
Yes. If you are an existing member, you can provide your Rewards”R''Us membership number to the Team Member at the time you create your Baby Registry or when you access your Baby Registry online at If you are not yet a member of Rewards''R''Us, you can enroll at the time you create your Baby Registry.
Q: How early into my registry can I become a Registry Rewards Member?
To get the most out of Registry Rewards, you should link your Rewards''R''Us Member number to your Baby Registry account from the beginning. A Team Member in the store can link these two accounts, or you can access your account online at to add your Rewards''R''Us Member number to your Baby Registry account. You can only receive Rewards''R''Us credit after your Rewards”R''Us account has been linked to your Baby Registry account. Credit cannot be retroactively applied to pre-existing Baby Registries.
Q: How can I link my Rewards”R''Us Member number to my Baby Registry account?
Please visit and follow these 4 easy steps:
  • Log in to your Baby Registry
  • Click "edit my registry”
  • Click "edit” in the Additional Information section
  • Add your Rewards”R''Us Member number and click "save changes”
Q: If I create my Baby Registry online am I eligible for Registry Rewards?
Yes. You will be eligible as long as you input your Rewards''R''Us number into your profile, or visit a store and request that a Team Member link the two accounts in the registry application.
Q: When do I start accruing my rewards? When do I become eligible to earn Rewards''R''Us program benefits?
All qualifying purchases made before your registry event date, as well as purchases made up until 90 days after the registry event date, are eligible for Rewards''R''Us program benefits. Only purchases made after you enroll in Rewards''R''Us and link your Rewards''R''Us Member number to your Baby Registry account apply.
Q: If gift-givers are not a Rewards''R''Us member, do I still receive Rewards''R''Us credit because the purchase was made from my registry?
Yes, you will receive credit; the gift-giver will not.
Q: How can I keep track of my rewards?
As a Rewards''R''Us member, you can register your account online at When you do, you will be able to keep track of all purchases and your reward status.
Q: How long will it take to receive my rewards?
Rewards are usually mailed via USPS and arrive 8-12 weeks after they are earned. They are valid until the date printed on each. For the most up-to-date Rewards''R''Us Terms & Conditions, including rewards delivery methods, please visit
Q: As a Rewards''R''Us Member, when I purchase from my own registry, do I receive Rewards ''R''Us credit as a gift-giver and as a registrant-resulting in double the rewards?
No. As a registrant who purchases from your own registry, you will only receive credit once.
Q: If a gift-giver returns a gift purchased from a Baby Registry, will both the gift-giver and I (the registrant) lose the Rewards''R''Us credit earned?
If the gift-giver returns the item purchased from the Baby Registry, negative credit will be applied to both the gift-giver's and the registrant's accounts.
Q: If I, the registrant, return a gift that was purchased for me through this program, will both the gift-giver and I lose the Rewards''R''Us credit earned?
As the registrant, if you return an item a gift-giver purchased from your registry, negative credit will be applied only to your Rewards''R''Us account, not to the gift-giver's account.