up close and far out backyard adventures!

There’s loads of life living in your backyard, from the grass to the bugs crawlin’ along. You can start them on some great lessons in natural science by using a microscope to see what things look like really up close! Give them a lesson in biology as they study cells and learn all the parts of a leaf. If they’re feeling brave, a bug under the microscope will show them just how amazing life looks when taking a close look!

Of course, they may want to watch some backyard buggies live how they normally do. There are lots of nets and containment areas that’ll help them catch bugs safely and keep bugs safe and sound as they munch away on grass while your little ones watch!

across the yard

There’s a cool looking bird on the other side of the yard? Roger that. Oh! A blue jay, how cool? Your backyard adventure expands as far as they can see with binoculars and walkie-talkies that let them communicate to you without disrupting the birds or animals they’re scopin’ out.

With what they’ve learned about the life underneath them, there’s no telling what questions they might have about all the life fluttering around their yard. What else is out there? There’s only one way to find out. Keep that adventure goin’!

way beyond

OK, we’ve been ALL around the yard and this adventure has been awesome! But, what else could they possibly find? Umm…how about stars and planets? The final frontier comes right to your backyard with a telescope, and the stars in their eyes will be as bright as the ones that dot the night sky.

Many kids are fascinated by space, so give them a closer look at celestial bodies, the moon and planets. With the sky no longer the limit, who knows what they’ll dream up, what they’ll learn and what big questions will pique their interest? Turns out, this backyard adventure is just the start of something bigger, and we can’t wait to see where it takes them!