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While Pokémon Go has the world looking for Pokémon at various Pokémon Stops, why not hold ‘em right in your hands? Load up on Pokémon trading cards and you never have to visit a Pokémon Gym again, unless, of course, you really love those battles. Pokémon trading card games, or TCG, have various themes and gameplay going on. Take your Basic Pokémon trainer card to the field while the other cards stay on the bench to start the action. Attach your Evolution cards to your Basic Pokémon cards for stronger attacks and remember Attack cards require Energy cards for power. Knock your opponents out through your Pokémon strategy and draw your Prize card! Some card sets come with a tin to store them in or you can get the Ultra Proke Pokémon Pikachu 3-Ring Binder Album to organize and store your cards safely. Start your Pokémon TCG journey with a Trainer Kit, then level up to other themes like Sun and Moon, Legends of Galar, TAG Team Powers Collection and Sword & Shield. Looking for the toughest to win, get the Copperjah V Box. Keep playing until you reach legendary Pokémon Master status!