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Which video game controller you have in your hands can really enhance your gaming skills. Discover Xbox One controllers with custom mapping feature buttons, which helps develop your gamer skills because every control is where you want it to be. No hesitating and no fumbling for faster responses. Gamers can be pretty hard on their controllers, so consider stocking up on controller shells for protection from intense gameplay. Check out the huge selection of PS4 controller shells with smooth finishes and awesome designs. Skins are easy to apply and remove so you can keep customizing your controller over and over. Remove and replace to make your video game controller look new and unique every time. One of the most innovative features to come out of the gaming world is the Joy-Con controller. Since Nintendo Switch is made for at home or on-the-go play, all you have to do is snap on the Joy-Con controllers to the sides of your Switch and you can instantly enjoy portable gameplay. Racing wheels might not always come to mind when you think of controllers, but that’s exactly what they are. With comfort-grip wheels, force feedback and responsive pedals, a good gaming racing wheel will put your skills in the fast lane. When gameplay goes into overdrive, you’ll want a good wheel in your hands. Check out the responsive technology of Logitech racing wheels and the Ferrari 458 Italia Racing Wheel from ThrustMaster. The device you choose is important so look for features that make sense for your gaming habits. Wireless controllers, wired controllers, Bluetooth technology, first party controllers, third party controllers, design, button trigger sensitivity and of course, style and design for visual appeal. Once you find the controller right for you, video game victory is your hands