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Whether they’re going back to school, playing video games or jamming to their favorite music, you’ll eventually be looking for a good children’s headset. With superior technology and thoughtful design from brands like Turtle Beach, HyperX and NUBWO, there’s no need to sacrifice comfort for functionality. Most headsets have ear cushions made of memory foam and wrapped with synthetic leather with a padded headband so you and your kids can play longer with no discomfort. They seal is snug for the isolation you want when you’re gaming or watching a movie. When shopping for headphones here, check for multiplatform compatibility if you have mixed video game systems in the house. Features for the best listening experience and enhanced gameplay to look for: noise cancelling, mic sensitivity, surround sound ready, Windows Sonic by Microsoft for Xbox One optimization and headgear appearance. High quality headphones will have the range to let you hear all the subtleties of soft sounds, like the distant fluttering of bird wings or rustles in the weeds to the deepest bass rumblings like stopping dinosaurs and fighter jets. Hearing it all will improving video gaming responses, movie and music enjoyment and they won’t miss a thing if they’re using their headset for school.