PAW Patrol superhero cuffs

PAW Patrol is on a roll…a paper towel roll, to be specific! Their imaginations are gonna get put to work with this cute little craft that creates superhero cuffs perfect for any mission on Adventure Bay! Grab some glitter, glue and a few other craft supplies then put ’em in their little paws and let their imaginations go to the dogs!

What You’ll Need:
paper towel roll
foam sheets

make your own PAW Patrol superhero cuffs

Cut a paper towel roll in half, and then cut both pieces lengthwise to create the superhero cuffs.

use scissors to cut a paper towel roll

Add some dazzle! Paint the cuffs their superhero color then add glue, foam and other accessories to really pack a punch!

decorate the cuff

They’re all set for another day of adventure and play. A super easy DIY for your little superheroes!

PAW Patrol superhero cuffs being worn by little girl

watch how it's done!