baby doll sleeping bag

Make sure the next sleepover includes a comfy sleeping bag for their favorite doll. This no-sew project is great for parents and kids to work together on a fun afternoon activity that makes stayovers fun and comfy for them and their little bestie. Grab some super-soft fleece and let’s begin!

What You’ll Need:
Measuring tape
½ yard of two fleece patterns


fleece material, scissors, measuring tape


Cut both of your fleece patterns into 26”x18” pieces.

cut material into 26X18 pieces

Place the pieces on top of each other and cut a 2”x2” square from each corner.

cut 2x2 squares on bottom corners

Cut 1” strips from three sides of the stacked fabric layers. We want to leave one end uncut—this will be where their doll’s head rests when it’s time for sleep.

cut 1 inch strips on sides and bottom

Tie the bottom strips to the top strips to hold both pieces of fabric together. Once you’re finished, the sleeping bag is ready for sweet dreams. They’ll love this easy-to-make, sleepy accessory, great for play around the house or when they sleep at a friend’s house.

tie bottom strip to top strip

watch how it's done!