bike riding hand signals

There’s nothing like that free-wheelin’ feeling you get when riding a bike. Let’s make sure that our rides are as safe as can be by learning bike riding hand signals. Using hand signals lets others know what our next move is, like which direction we’re turning and when we’re stopping.

Make these signals part of your rules of the road or sidewalk by practicing them before your next ride.

boy uses left hand signal on his bike

Stick your left hand straight out. This signals to others that you’re about to turn left.

boy and girl using the STOP hand signal on their bikes

Place your left hand out, bend your elbow so that your hand points downward and the palm of your hand is facing behind you. This lets people know that you’re going to stop.

boy uses the right hand signal on his bike

Stick your left hand out and bend your elbow with your hand pointing upward and your palm facing in front of you. This is a right-hand turn signal.

girl and boy with helmets safely ride their bikes

Helmets on, you’re ready to ride!

watch how it's done!