cardboard laboratory

What You’ll Need:
Treasure X Aliens
hobby knife
rubber gloves

cardboard, Treasure X Aliens, paper, markers, glue, tape, scissors, hobby knife, rubber gloves

Use a cardboard box as the base of your laboratory. Cut it so it has a floor, back wall and two side walls.

cut cardboard to make a floor and walls

Glue on a paper floor.

glue on paper floor

Draw one circle on each side, large enough to get your hands through. Ask a grownup to cut out the circles.

create openings for your arms

Draw shelves with jars, windows, whatever you think the walls of your lab should look like.

decorate your lab with shelves and windows

Glue pieces of cardboard together to make a lab table. Draw cabinet doors and drawers on paper, then tape or glue it to the table.

make a lab table with doors and drawers

Land your Treasure X alien on the table. Put on gloves, this could get yucky!

put on your gloves for some slimy fun

watch how it's done!