cardboard slide puzzle

What You’ll Need:
scissors or utility knife
crayons or markers

flat lay of the supplies for cardboard slide puzzle diy activity for kids

Parent-only step: Cut two pieces of cardboard into six 1/2” squares and draw an even grid of 9 squares, centered on one piece. Leave approx. 2” around the outside for the puzzle frame.

cardboard slide puzzle diy cut squares

Parent-only step: Cut the 9-grid out in one piece, leaving the frame intact. Glue the frame to the other piece of cardboard and decorate it any way you like.

cardboard slide puzzle diy glue frame

Draw your puzzle picture on the back of the grid. You can also print out a coloring sheet or artwork and glue it to fit the back of the 9-grid.

completed cardboard slide puzzle diy

Parent-only step: When your picture is complete, cut each of the grid squares out to create your puzzle pieces. Fit them back into the frame, remove one square to mix pieces around. Solve the puzzle over and over.

cardboard slide puzzle diy

watch how it's done!