diy dino discovery box

We were looking for fun outdoor play idea for kids and look what we dug up! A discovery box keeps little ones busy finding lots of surprises. To set up this diy, we used Kinetic Sand (non-stick = clean hands) and added prehistoric pals for dinosaur fans. The Dino Mega Tub Collection from Animal Planet gave us plenty of dinosaurs to hide in the sand for the littles to find. The Rainbow Sand Bucket Set by Sun Squad provides enough tools for a few kids to excavate away!

What You’ll Need:
box (shallow depth accommodates younger child's reach)
Animal Planet Dino Mega Tub Collection
Kinetic Sand
sand bucket set
paintbrush (optional)

supplies for the diy dino discovery box activity for kids

Gather the right tools for the job. Think: sifter to sort through sand, shovel to dig up dinosaurs and paintbrush to reveal features.

Animal Planet Dino Mega Tub Collection

Use rocks and trees for top of sand. Arrange dinosaurs throughout the box.

dinosaur figures covered in kinetic sand for dino discovery box diy for kids

Fill box with enough sand to cover dinosaurs.

kinetic sand and animal planet dinosaur figures in the dino discovery box diy for kids

Hand out the excavation tools.

sand and beach toys for excavating the dino figures from the dino discovery diy for kids

Watch out for dinosaurs!

completed dino discovery box diy activity for kids

watch how it's done!