flying saucer diy

What You’ll Need:
paper plate
markers or crayons
stickers (optional)

flat lay of the supplies for paper plate flying saucer diy activity for kids

Draw a circle on the back of the plate. From the center to the outside, divide the circle into 12 even parts.

paper plate flying saucer draw sections

Color each section as you like. We recommend alternating colors per section and decorating with stickers.

paper plate flying saucer colored in with markers and crayons

Parent-only step: Cut the sections from the middle to the outside of the circle, but do not cut all the way through. Leave the outer area of the plate in a complete ring. Flip one section up and the next one down and continue to alternate until all the sections are either facing up or down. It’s ready to fly!

completed paper plate flying saucer diy activity for kids

watch how it's done!