Little Tikes indoor golf

Take a swing at creating your own indoor golf course with Little Tikes golf clubs and a cardboard box. You can get as creative as you’d like with it and add obstacles along the way to create more challenging rounds. The kids can help design the hole and then it’s time to pick up the clubs and see who can score a hole in one!

What You’ll Need:
cardboard box
wrapping paper
construction paper
hot glue gun
plastic cups

LEGO classic bricks 10692, cord and minifigure

Use the wrapping paper or paint to cover the cardboard box. Once it’s all wrapped up and taped, cut out a hole (or holes) on the side of the box.

LEGO minifigure base with opening at top

Use the plastic cups as obstacles or for more holes around your indoor golf course.

doorknob with tied cord

Pick up the clubs and start to play! Four!

LEGO minifigure base with cord

watch how it's done!