Monster Jam arena

What You’ll Need:
Monster Jam vehicles
cardboard box
plastic bag

cardboard box, monster jam vehicles, markers, paint, sand, stones

Use a cardboard box big enough for the track you want to design. Parents, cut the sides of the box on an angle.

add toys and Orbeez to plastic bin

Draw and paint the look you want for your arena. Is it a sunny day or is nighttime racing on the schedule? Paint the sky any way you like, and fill the seats below it with smiling fans.

dig in to find the toys

Add a plastic bag, cut to fit the bottom of the box. Cover the plastic with lots of sand. Make ramps and valleys for a tougher track. Lay the stones in a circle for your track.

dig in to find the toys

Add in your monster trucks and get some bite on your tires, it's go time!

dig in to find the toys

watch how it's done!