NERF target practice

What You’ll Need:
NERF N-Strike Elite Disruptor Blaster (or their favorite NERF blaster!)
Ladder ball base

card stock, scissors, tape, straws, penny

First thing’s first: let’s make our target. Cut out a circle from the cardstock, and a star (or smaller circle) from a different color cardstock. Paste the center target to…you guessed it! The center of the circle.

card stock circle with star in center

Now flip the target over and tape a penny to the bottom for weight and tape a straw across the center. This will allow the target to spin and flip when hit.

tape straw and penny to the back

Feed twine through the straw and tie both ends to the ladder ball base. Now you’re all set to test their skills with this easy NERF target.

feed twine through straw

Go on, let ’em give it their best shot.

girl shooting target with nerf gun

watch how it's done!