paper bag city

What You’ll Need:
paper bags
Melissa & Doug wooden vehicles & traffic signs
old newspaper

paper bags, Melissa & Doug wooden vehicles & traffic signs, markers, stapler, old nerwspaper

Draw pictures on paper bags of things you might find in a city. Create businesses, apartment buildings, bridges, whatever you want your city to look like. Tip: the top of each picture should be at the top of the bag.

draw pictures on paper bags

Crumple up newspaper and slam dunk ‘em into the bags to fill them out.

add crumpled up newspaper to paper bags

Parent-only step: when the bags are full, staple across the top of each one.

parents only: staple bag closed

Place the bags around the floor to create your cityscape. Break out your vehicles and street signs, it’s time to explore the city!

put bags on the floor and explore the city

watch how it's done!