snack bag surprise

What You’ll Need:
Mini collectible
Food-safe Mylar Foil Open Top Bag
Flat Iron
Healthy Snack

mylar bag, flat iron, healthy snacks

Open a food-safe mylar foil open top bag and place your nutritious nuggets inside. The sky’s the limit! Maybe it’s some of their favorites—or some veggies you really want them to eat. Once you’ve added the snack, drop in the surprise mini-collectible.

add snacks and surprise to bag

Close the mylar foil bag with a flat iron (or regular iron) on low heat. Parents, be careful handling the iron during this process—it’s hot! The bag will seal after a 4-5 second press.

closed bag sealed with flat iron

Once finished, your snack bag surprise is ready to place inside their lunchbox!

finished sealed bags

watch how it's done!