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The sky’s the limit when you give ’em some cans of Play-Doh compound and let ’em loose! There are all types of different playsets and worlds to explore, like Play-Doh Kitchen Creations, Play-Doh Baby Shark, Play-Doh Frozen, Play-Doh PAW Patrol and more! The sets and Play-Doh compound are so easy to work with, too. Just pop open a can and get molding! Use the playsets to find fun new ways to use Play-Doh and watch them become immersed in their imaginations as they develop their motor skills and creativity! There are so many colors of Play-Doh to choose from and so many playsets to keep them busy as they mold, shape, cut and create on their own. So many masterpieces are just a can of Play-Doh compound away!