LEGO Overwatch

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What are we looking at? Sorry, Reaper, just these awesome LEGO Overwatch construction sets! From the maps of super popular video game to the living room floor, the Overwatch cast is ready to tear up the other team and clash with mighty heroes like LEGO Bastion, LEGO Junkrat, LEGO D.Va and more. Build up and take control of their favorite Overwatch hero with LEGO construction sets designed from the game with high attention to detail! Lock and load, because one they start workin’ on these LEGO Overwatch construction sets, the play won’t stop until there’s one hero left standing—and then it’s time to rebuild and start all over again. If they’re fans of Overwatch and love LEGO construction sets, then the LEGO Overwatch series is a great way to keep the energy goin’ long after the round ends.