PJ Masks

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Who goes into the night so they can save the day? PJ Masks, of course! Chances are if your kids love PJ Masks, they fly around the house like Owlette, crawl like Gekko or run like Catboy! So, let’s get on the case and bring their favorite crimefighters home with PJ Masks toys, play sets and action figures. There are so many awesome toys to choose from! A PJ Seeker vehicle lets preschoolers imagine racing at top speed to thwart the villain, while a play set like Mission Control Headquarters lets little ones settle in and keep the action all in one place. A PJ Masks figure set super charges imaginations. Detailed figures featuring the three heroes and villains, like Romeo and Luna Girl, inspire lots of pretend play with each new story to act out. There’s a PJ Masks toy for every adventure-lovin’ kid!