Play-Doh Brand How-To: make a pretend apple

A Play-Doh compound apple a day keeps the boredom at bay so try out this mini project to get their creative juices flowin’! Grab red, white, brown and green Play-Doh cans and follow along using the steps below to mold a pretend apple. What other silly pretend fruits can they mold with their Play-Doh compound colors?
how to make a pretend apple with PlayDoh dough compound step one

mold the Play-Doh apple

Use red Play-Doh compound to create the outside of the pretend apple. Mold it into a half-circle then press a finger into one end (this will hold the stem and leaves) then press a finger into the other end, 90 degrees from the first imprint to make the bottom of the pretend apple. Flatten a thin layer of white Play-Doh compound and mold it to fill in the flat side of their silly apple.

how to make a pretend apple with PlayDoh dough compound step two

make seeds and leaves

Roll six small pieces of brown Play-Doh compound into ovals and flatten them into pretend seeds. Take a larger piece of brown Play-Doh compound and roll it into a thick cylinder to use as a stem. Green Play-Doh compound makes perfect leaves! Roll larger ovals, flatten them and carve a line down the center of each.

how to make a pretend apple with PlayDoh dough compound step three

place pieces on the Play-Doh apple

Arrange the pretend brown seeds on the Play-Doh apple, three on each side. Place the brown stem in the indent created in step one. On either side, place the green leaves.

PlayDoh pretend apple

talk about fun and creative play!

Now that they’ve explored what they can create with Play-Doh compound, let’s see what they can add to their pretend apple to really make it stand out! What else can they add to make it even more playful? How about a smiley worm? Hand ’em some more Play-Doh cans and see what they make!