Play-Doh Brand How-To: make a castle

Give ’em the keys to their own mini kingdom with a Play-Doh compound castle that’s simple to make and gives them a whole new playset they can use with all of the other Play-Doh pals they’ve made. This How To uses easy shapes to make a castle with two towers. Enough talkin’ about it, let’s see how it’s done!
how to make a castle with PlayDoh dough compound step one

shape the castle structure

The castle walls and towers can be built with green Play-Doh compound. Mold a large amount of green Play-Doh compound into a cube shape. Roll some more green Play-Doh compound into a tall cylinder and another into a smaller cylinder. Roll two pieces of blue Play-Doh compound into cone shapes for the spires.

how to make a castle with PlayDoh dough compound step two

doors, battlements and windows

Make some small cubes out of green Play-Doh compound for use as battlements. The Purple Play-Doh compound makes great windows and a door that really stands out, so mold some into a small rectangle for a door and squares for windows. Use pink Play-Doh cans to make flags for spires. Place the two green cylinders on either side of the large cube, and the blue cones on top to make spires.

how to make a castle with PlayDoh dough compound step three

place the pieces

Place the purple rectangle in the bottom center of the cube. Place the windows on the towers and the pink flags on top of the spires. The small cubes can be placed at the top of the cube, in front and back, to prepare the castle for any invaders!

PlayDoh castle

play 'til kingdom come!

Hear ye, hear ye! Play has arrived! This kingdom is filled with royal fun and they can add a king, queen or loyal subjects to their new castle. Mold some horsies, knights and more to make this Play-Dohcastle come to life!