Play-Doh Brand How-To: make a bunny

Hop to it! A little Play-Doh compound and some creativity make a hippity-hoppity pal in minutes. After you and the little buns finish molding and crafting, add some fun accessories with some more Play-Doh colors! We can think of a few, like a crazy carrot or maybe an Easter egg. Create the bunny using the steps below and see where it takes their imaginations!

mold the bunny's body

Our fluffy bunny’s body will require some white Play-Doh compound. Mold some into an oval (or egg) shape, large enough to hold its head and legs. Mold another, smaller oval out of white Play-Doh compound for its head. Stretch two pieces of white Play-Doh compound into two cylinders.

make legs and arms

Those two white cylinders they made? Let’s roll ’em up three-quarters of their length to make some legs and bunny feet, then stick them to both sides of the larger oval. Mold two shorter cylinders from white Play-Doh compound and stick those just above the rolled-up legs. Take the smaller oval and center it atop the large oval.

ears, eyes and nose

Let’s take some pink, white and blue Play-Doh compound to make the rest of this bun-bun. Mold floppy ears out of white Play-Doh compound and shape pink Play-Doh compound inside the white ears. Roll two small blue eyes and a pink nose. Place the ears on both side of its head, place the nose just below the center of its face and eyes above the nose.

hare-raising fun!

Their cute bunny is complete! Add it to their other Play-Doh compound creations for a new fun partner in play. Show it off, hop along or smush it all up for another creation.