Play-Doh How-To: make a pretend hamburger

A Play-Doh hamburger is a great addition to their pretend kitchen play! Dress ’em up in their favorite chef’s outfit then get to work rolling, pushing and placing Play-Doh compound into a pretend hamburger shape, complete with play lettuce! Get those fingers ready, ’cause it’s time to play!

pretend buns and patty

Use some orange Play-Doh compound and roll ’em into two balls. Flatten the yellow balls with their fingers into two patties then set them aside for now. Next we’ll roll a red ball and flatten it like we did to create the pretend patties.

place the Play-Doh lettuce

Grab some green Play-Doh compound to create some make-believe lettuce leaves. Flatten three pieces into a leaf shape, then pinch each to give ’em some texture. Place the pretend red patty on the Play-Doh bun, then lay the pretend lettuce on top however they’d like.

add some silly seeds

Top off their pretend hamburger with an orange Play-Doh bun, then roll up teeny-tiny pieces of yellow Play-Doh compound to make some play-time seeds. Press each into the Play-Doh bun to complete the project.

serve up even more fun

Now that they have a Play-Doh hamburger, what other pretend food items can they make to go along with it? With some Play-Doh cans and imagination, they can dish out all kinds of things like a triple-decker Play-Doh cheeseburger or pretend pecan pie! There’s only one way to find out what they’ll make…let’s play!