Play-Doh How-To: make a pretend hotdog

Hot diggity dog! Today we’ll show you how to make a Play-Doh hotdog, complete with some make-believe mustard! If the day is calling for some kitchen pretend play, or they just wanna learn how to make something new with their Play-Doh compound, this quick activity is perfect for some roll-some fun! Let’s get started…

pretend hotdog and roll

Orange Play-Doh compound makes a great pretend hotdog roll! Flatten out into a rectangular shape and round the edges. Next, roll some red Play-Doh compound into a tube shape.

assemble the Play-Doh hotdog

Lay the red tube on the middle of the flattened orange Play-Doh roll lengthwise, then fold up and around the pretend hotdog. Grab some yellow Play-Doh compound and make a long, thin tube.

place the pretend mustard

Take that thin, yellow tube and lay it on the Play-Doh hotdog in a zig-zag pattern.

pretend BBQ fun!

All that hard work has paid off! Their Play-Doh hotdog is ready to be displayed or join their Play-Doh plate filled with silly pretend snacks. Their pretend BBQ is ready, but can they come up with even more fun projects to show off their molding skills? We bet they can!