Play-Doh How-To: make a pretend ice cream sundae

It’s time to chill out and make a Play-Doh ice cream sundae, a colorful combination of Play-Doh compound and imagination rolled into one! We’ll give ya the step-by-step guide to make every part of this silly ice cream sundae, from the bowl to the pretend ice cream scoops and, of course, a Play-Doh cherry on top! Ok, it’s time to treat yourself to some fun!

build a bowl

Our bowl is made with blue Play-Doh compound, but you can use any color you’d like. Flatten one piece into a circular shape, then kneed outward to create an indented rim. Roll another piece into a ball, then press down in the center and form into a bowl shape. Place the bowl onto the flattened piece. So decorative!

make silly ice cream scoops

Our pretend ice cream sundae has three scoops using white, yellow and orange Play-Doh compound. Roll each into a ball then gently push down and flatten to resemble scoops while keeping a rounded top. When you’re finished, go ’head and place these into your bowl.

add pretend confections

Want to add some whacky whipped cream? Roll white Play-Doh compound into a tube then pinch the ends to create a tip. Coil this on top of the silly scoops. Roll little balls of purple Play-Doh compound to make silly sweets and dot the pretend ice cream sundae with them. Make a Play-Doh cherry by rolling into a ball shape and roll a small black tube to use as a stem.

a fun and easy Play-Doh treat!

Wow, this silly ice cream sundae looks great! They can show off their latest Play-Doh masterpiece then start moldin’ their next big project. What’ll it be? Another pretend dessert? Maybe an ice cream parlor to serve up lots of fun? With Play-Doh compound, they can make anything they want!