hero play

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When your superhero goes out on their imaginary crimefighting missions, make sure they have all the hero accessories they need to win each battle! Marvel fans? Avengers assemble AND accessorize! Captain America shield, Iron Man Glove and Mask set or Iron Man Repulsor Blast Gauntlet, Avengers Infinity War and Avengers Endgame toys and superhero costumes and accessories are all ready for hero play. Star Wars lightsabers with sound or without, battle simulation helmets and Clone Trooper costumes let kids relive their favorite Star Wars scenes. From the DC Universe Batman and Wonder Woman signature capes, masks and protective weapons make hero play come alive. Cosplay and hero play for the littles has so many super benefits. Feeling heroic and invincible during hero role play instills confidence and lets kids know they can be brave around bullies. So, stock up on hero play costumes and accessories and we’re pretty sure that your kids will think you’re a superhero, too!