create distraction free homework zones

We hope our children will be back in the classroom safely and full time this year. Even so, it will still be important that they have a dedicated, distraction free area to do their homework every evening.

Here are some suggestions to assure they have everything they need, even if their space is portable, in a nook or at the kitchen table:

Find a Dedicated Location
  • Spaced out for each child
  • Well lit
  • Within earshot of a parent or caregiver
  • Comfortable chair
Use Time Management Tools
  • White Board
    • For To-Do Lists and Last-minute notes
    • Timer
    • To set focus times, scheduled breaks and structured study blocks
Paper Organization
  • Bins to Separate Papers
    1. To Do
    2. For Review
      • Once it is checked over, the paper should go immediately into the appropriate folder to be brought to school.
    3. To Save
      • Important tests, projects, artwork.
Have a Supply Cart or Caddy
  • To assure all tools are organized and easily accessible.
Personalized Elements
  • Have each child make a homemade name plate.
  • Incorporate each child’s favorite color into their surroundings or storage.
  • Put up a board of fun images, photos and inspiring sayings.