Family Command Center

On your mark, get set, go! Everyone is off in a different direction. Whether it is to work, school, sports, clubs, events, or travel, keeping track of all that your family is up to can be a challenge. That’s why a Command Center can really help. It is the place to look for car keys, add to the shopping list, or consult the daily school pickup schedule. The best part is that you can customize it to fit your family’s particular needs.

Here are some tips to help you create an air traffic control center of your own.

Dedicate a Centralized Location
  • It can be a floor to ceiling wall, a cabinet door in your kitchen or a cork board by your front door.
  • Make sure it represents your family’s style by matching your décor and color.
  • The initial of your last name or family photo adds a personal touch.
The Schedule is the Usual Focal Point
  • For many families this can be a large calendar, or a grid separated by each person’s name.
  • It can be on a chalk board wall, a large paper roll or even on a series separated clip boards.
A Large Surface For Display
  • This can be where magnets, pins or even picture frames house the items that are important to your family’s functioning
  • Shopping lists, menu plans, bus schedules, contacts, and chore charts are just the beginning of what can be kept here.
  • Don’t forget a dedicated place to stick easily lost items like invitations, flyers and tickets.
  • Look for last minute messages from family members here.
Convenient Storage Bins
  • These are great places for regularly collected items like coupons, receipts or mail.
  • The kind that adheres right onto your wall can be extra convenient.
Have Dedicated Hooks (Big & Small)
  • From car keys to hair ties to the dog’s leash or even your purse, having dedicated hooks to hang them really makes the command center the “go to” location for all your family’s daily needs.