size-up their ride: bikes 12-20”

12-14” bikes

Kids as young as two years old can typically ride a 12-14 inch bike. 12-14” bikes are perfect for kids who are 26-42” tall. These bikes have tricycle wheels on them, so they’re great for little learners to learn all the basics of bike riding.

SmarTrike tricycle

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16” bikes

The big difference between 12-14” bikes and 16” bikes is just the wheel size. These bikes are for bigger kids, 38”-48” tall, who are between the ages of three and seven. 16-inch bikes also include training wheels that can be taken off as they get more comfortable with riding.


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18” bikes

There’s a little something for lots of riders with an 18” bike. When they’re between the recommended ages of five and nine years old or are 42” and 52” tall, you might consider this bike. They still have removeable training wheels, but you can also find some BMX styles of bikes for faster riding when they feel the need for some speed.

18 inch bikes for kids

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20” bikes

We’re in the big leagues, now! 20” bikes are great for experienced riders aged between seven and 13 years old, or 48”-56” tall. You won’t find training wheels on these bikes, and they come in a variety of bike types like mountain bikes, BMX bikes and freestyle bikes.


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level of riding experience

How comfortable they are while riding will let you know which bike you should buy for them. If they’re new to wheels, you can find a bike with removeable training wheels to ease them in, then just remove the training wheels when they feel confident with their skills.

Older kids who know how to ride can hop on without training wheels or choose their own type of bike to suit their skills and play style.