animal figures

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Your child will explore the animal world up close when you stock up on animal play figures. Play dinosaurs, jungle animals, woodland critters and household pets are made with amazing detail to inspire a child’s imagination. They’ll let out tiger growls and T-Rex roars as they embark on each imaginative journey. We’ve got a menagerie of top brands in the play animal kingdom, like Schleich, which scuplts animal figures so realistic looking, it’s like dinosaurs still roam the earth! Schleich horses, jungle animals and bring loads of imaginative play. If your kids love dinosaurs, check out the battery-powered Zuru robotic dinosaur that stomps, chomps and roars! Jurassic World are super for prehistoric fun, with articulated parts that kids can position by hand or push button. A Playmobil carry case filled with dinos is perfect for car rides and travel to the grandparent’s house. At, you’ll discover familiar animals that kids know and love, too. Like Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon and My Little Pony collectibles. Animal toys from Melissa & Doug are made durable and sized right for little hands to grasp. The Savanna Safari Rug is a woven play mat with skid-proof backing that can handle all the action the included lion, elephant and giraffe stir up in the dessert. It even comes with a wooden safari truck! And wouldn’t your child love a lifelike kid-size plush flamingo! Melissa & Doug makes that as well as a horse stable playset and horses, a magnetic fishing game and more.