kids bikes

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They grow up so fast! Kids bikes are like a rite of passage and the first taste of freedom they know. Remember when you rode a bike as a kid and felt the wind in your hair and thrill of going fast? Now, it’s their turn. And, yeah, it’s gonna be awesome! Kids bikes haven’t changed too much since you were little, but they do come in styles featuring their favorite TV show characters and movie franchises. You can shop PAW Patrol kids’ bikes, PJ Masks bikes, Star Wars kids bikes and so many more. The best size kids’ bike for your little riders depends on their height. Choose between a 12” kids’ bike, 16” kids’ bike and 20” kids’ bike. Once they have their own set of wheels, they’re ready to ride. Buckle up that helmet and watch ’em take off on adventures in the backyard or driveway!