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Make sure your video gaming always has the power to keep up with the competition. No matter your platform, docks and chargers for video game systems and controllers are available here in various shapes, sizes and colors to match your system. You’ll find docks and chargers compatible with PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. Most docks you purchase separately will have additional features than the original dock. Qubuy, Nyko, Orzly and more make charging stands for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PS4 systems. The TNP docking station for Nintendo Switch is a bit lighter and smaller for easier portability. You can also still use it as you connect your Switch to a TV. Compact design is just one feature that additional charging docks boast. Some docks position your Switch in a standing position so you can continue to play and share your screen with others. Remember to have USB charging cables on hand for your device, too. You can buy a PowerA USB Charging Cable and know that you’re plugging in a cable with quality to earn official PS4 licensing. Its ferrite coil is designed to block unwanted frequencies to better your chances of uninterrupted gaming. Charging your video game controller doesn’t always mean you have to stop playing. Some charging docks let you continue gameplay while your controller is charging through a USB cord. See the full selection of docks, chargers, gaming stands, converters and adapters so you’ll always have the electronics you need within reach.